Club Recognition and Funding

Apply for SMCSU club recognition and club funding using this formĀ here. Clubs will be required to sign a Club Recognition Contract in order to complete the Recognition process.

Required Documentation

Standard Budget Template

Club Executive and General Membership List

Petitioners (Faculty & Alumni)


  • Club Recognition Applications Available: Sat.Sept.24/2016
  • Club Recognition Application Deadline: Wed.Oct.14/2016
  • SMCSU Winter Budget Meeting: Sun.Oct.16/2016
  • Interviews with Club Recognition Board: Wed.Oct.19/2016 – Fri.Oct.28/2016
  • Cheque Request Submission Deadline (Fall): Sun.Dec.18/2016
  • Reimbursement Cheque Pick-Up Deadline (Fall): Mon.Jan.30/2017
  • Cheque Request Submission Deadline (Winter): Tues.Apr.4/2017
  • Reimbursement Cheque Pick-Up Deadline (Winter): Mon.May.1/ 2017

Please ensure all fields of the form are input correctly before submitting.

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